Make Your Sh*t Look Good is a 216 page, 148cm x 210cm perfect bound book featuring relevant and effective marketing strategies for creative small businesses post-2020.

From branding to social media, strategy to inclusive language, web design to content production, virtual events vs live events and more, Make Your Sh*t Look Good provides an accessible, ethical, relatable, practical and affordable approach to marketing.

This book includes contributions from thirty industry specialists, brands, and artists, all collectively providing and exemplifying valuable knowledge and marketing best practice.

For every physical book purchased, one tree is planted in NSW by ReForest Now.

One Make Your Sh*t Look Good book leaning upright against a yellow wall
Image by Bee Elton

Make Your Sh*t Look Good is for:
musicians, interior designers, hairdressers, painters, copywriters, illustrators, choreographers, producers, architects, photographers, bakers, marketers, floral designers, DJs, writers, comedians, carpenters, jewellers, tattoo artists, performance artists, app developers, makeup artists, event planners, editors, sculptors, graphic designers, web developers, PR specialists, journalists, screenwriters, industrial designers, entertainers, furniture makers, typographers, songwriters, event producers, sound technicians, animators, videographers, actors, sketch artists, stylists, barbers, fashion designers, chefs, set designers, lighting technicians, cartoonists and all other small business owners who are creative at heart.

Tree growing from the ground in an open field. Image is placed on a yellow background with a logo in top left corner.

For every physical book purchased, one tree is planted in NSW through our not-for-profit partner ReForest Now.


[Softcover and eBook options available]