We expertly plan and manage marketing campaigns for our clients. We specialise in events and conferences from small, intimate gatherings to upwards of 3,000 attendees, but also service industries including music, eCommerce, entertainment, disability, and tech.

If you own or operate a small business, are part of a creative collective or charitable cause, or work in an events team / marketing department in need of assistance, get in touch.



“Lara is incredible. She made me think about social media marketing/engagement in a different way, viewing it as community building – which allows me to feel more confident about what I’m doing and give it my best. That’s really important to me so with that ALONE our time chatting was really valuable. She also has a lot of secret tips and tricks that I was unaware of, so I am beyond satisfied as a customer. And very grateful. Absolute legend.”

Anna Jeavons, Marketing & Promotions Officer – MHCSA

“Lara’s wealth of knowledge is magical. In the space of our first meeting she gave me meaningful feedback, valuable suggestions, useful tools to brush up my brand & pivot to stay ahead of the curve in these topsy turvy times. Highly recommend Matchstick if you want to work with a relatable professional who clearly values community & wants to see small business thrive. Matchstick will see where you need help, get straight to the point and provide strategy so you can move forward.”

Tonia Blume, Founder – Blumette

“If you run a business and are in need of help with your social networking, getting your content seen, creating a business strategy or general marketing plans, I highly recommend Matchstick Marketing. After my first 1 hour consultation I was so inspired and motivated to act on all the advice I received. They’re not your average marketing agency, as they have a lot of heart and a real community vibe.”

Craig Bunkwaa, Artist – BUNKWAA

“Lara is super thoughtful and practical. She was incredibly generous with her time and expertise to get us on the right track with our digital presence. Her methods for planning and evaluation are also excellent, and make her assistance meaningful over the long term. Fabulous company with solid gold ethos. 10/10 would consult again!”

Katrina Chew, Coordinator – Girls Rock! Sydney