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Friday 22 May 2020


As of Monday 30 March we offered all sole traders, SMEs, freelancers, bands, artists, or start-ups who were stuck in the house, phone or email consultations on the house. Absolutely free, the purpose of this service offering was to provide advice and information to small business owners based on their current marketing efforts and what can be done during covid-19 to keep their head above water. Over the course of six weeks we spoke to LOTS of incredible people. We not only wanted to help others, but aimed to keep ourselves busy during isolation, too! See below all the interesting bits and pieces we found during the process.
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Tuesday 18 Feb 2020


From an ethical, moral, responsibility and accountability perspective, Mardi Gras sponsors are typically vetted to ensure they meet certain criteria (see Mardi Gras) and to ensure they are continuing to rally behind the LGBTQI community outside the Mardi Gras season. For brands who aren’t official sponsors, there is no such vetting. This has caused mixed feelings about corporate sponsors and Mardi Gras from within the LGBTQI community. On one hand they provide revenue to continue the events. On the other hand, how authentic are these companies being to support LGBTQI rights? Are they simply seeing this as an opportunity to reach large, diverse groups? Is this just another “topical, trendy” space to dominate? Or do they genuinely advocate for our community using their status and resources on hand, continuously?
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We live and work on the stolen lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation and respect and acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging.