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Tuesday 25 Feb 2020

Something all us marketers have asked ourselves time and time again is ‘what is our image?’. Branding, when done well, tells the story of a product or organisation without having to say much or anything at all.

Like any other facet of marketing, there isn’t a right or wrong (contrary to what most will argue), there is only what works best for YOUR brand. Colours, wording, ad placement and USP are just a few things to consider. We’ve put together 5 Hot Tips: Branding to highlight a few key points in making a powerful, impactful and successful brand.

Here’s 5 useful tips if you’re an artist, band, small business owner or anyone just starting out:

  • Keep it short, sharp and to the point.
    Taglines, bios, even logos are best when condensed. Make your brand standout instantly by showcasing the crux of what you do.⁣⁣
  • Highlight your ‘you’.
    Be unique and embrace it.
  • Be consistent but creative.
    Marketers constantly talk about consistency. Yes we want brand recognition instantaneously, but your audience also wants fresh ideas. Keep your logo or colours or fonts imbedded in the artwork but don’t be afraid to change designs. Make something that’s refreshing as well as recognisable.⁣⁣
  • Positioning creates perception.
    Where do you tell your story? What’s your USP (unique selling point)? How does your audience perceive you? Defining channels, key messaging and what sets you apart from your competitors is imperative.⁣⁣
  • Stay relevant.
    Change, adapt, grow. Nothing should stay exactly the same (even if it’s working).

the end!

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5 Hot Tips: Branding is an intentionally short piece with ideas and snippets collectively placed. Take from this or leave items as you please. Lara Chrystal, Matchstick Marketing

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